Understanding The Brain Of A Teenager

April 2, 2024, 12:04 p.m.

An exploration into the teen brain for its effectual enhancement

Teenage is the trickiest of all ages. Therefore, close monitoring and care has to be taken by parents and teachers to manage teenagers.

The brains of teenagers have an exceptional quality to adapt to new experiences and respond to varied situations.

Let us now take some time to understand the brain activity of teenagers and discuss effective ways to enhance their thought processes and actions.

What makes the teen brain distinct?

What makes the teenage brain different from the brain of adults is that they think more with the heart than the brain. Yes, emotions play a prominent role in the thought process than logic. Their actions are guided by the reactive part of the brain, rather than the logical section of the brain. They make decisions and solve problems differently. Let us see why their brain activities differ:

  • Teenage is the time of fine-tuning of the brain. It gets refined during this time period and so teenagers act differently from other age groups.
  • Teenage is the time when a child gets socially mingled more independently. And the influence of these social relationships makes changes in his / her character building.
  • Sleeping patterns have a relevant influence on the functioning of the brain. Sleeping habits are peculiar in teenagers as they prefer late nights off sleep and late-morning get-ups. This affects their thought process and actions
  • Anxiety and stress are two common factors in teensagers, as they are confused to deal with various hormonal changes.
  • Exposure to drugs and alcohol is developed during this age. Therefore, it is important that teenagers are thoroughly monitored by their guardians.

Ways to Enhance a Teen Brain

As the brain of teenagers ought to be a perplexed one, there is the need for some measures to be practiced by the parents and teachers to ensure that their brain development is in the right direction for a happy and contented life ahead. Here are certain ways used effectively to enhance teen brains:

Balanced life - A teenager should be provided with a balanced life both at home and school. He/she should not be given too much freedom nor should be over-controlled. It is during the teenage years that a boy or girl learns to balance his or her thoughts and actions according to different situations.

Sleep habits - The sleep habits are to be systematically set for the teenagers by their guardians and there ought to be provisions to monitor that these habits are followed correctly by them. This can have a lasting impact on their personality and social interactions.

Lifestyle modification - Teenagers tend to live in a dream world and emotions control them more than logic and practicality. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to alter their lifestyle in such a way that suits their association with the society they live in.

Stress management - This is a very important aspect to deal with the mental issues faced by teenagers. They should have proper counseling and guidance by the guardians and there must be strict measures to eliminate any communication gap between them and their parents/guardians.

Care and protection - Teenagers need to feel that they are well cared for and protected by the society they live in. This wipes out their apprehensions to some extent.

A healthy environment both at home and school - An environment that imbibes positivity is essential for a teenager to survive happily both at home and school. This also enhances their brain activities. Health Awareness - Teenage is the best time to cultivate healthy habits in children. If they are properly guided and made aware of various health hazards, it makes a positive impact on their brain development.

Apart from the above mentioned ways, a proper diet with strictly followed exercises along with music and other extracurricular activities rejuvenate the teen brain and bring the best out of them which gets reflected throughout their lives.

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