Preparatory Programme

(Classes 3-5; Ages 8-11)

Samyuktha Preparatory Program: Embarking through a Journey of Discovery & Wonder

Our Preparatory Programme, designed for students aged 8-11, aims to light the spark of curiosity, inspire creative thinking, and support the distinctive talents of each child. Within this vibrant phase, students embark on a journey filled with discovery and inquiry, exploring a broad spectrum of subjects including math, science, literature, and the arts.

The essence of our programme lies in collaboration. Students engage in teamwork, exchange ideas, and learn from each other, which cultivates a community of cooperation and mutual respect. Our inclusive classrooms champion diversity, encouraging children to embrace varied perspectives, thus enriching their empathy and understanding.

Expanding beyond academic confines, our preparatory program offers an array of extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities. From community service initiatives to educational excursions, students are encouraged to pursue their passions and develop a holistic educational experience that equips them for future endeavors.

Classes Ⅲ to Ⅴ (Ages: 8-11 years)
Category Class Ⅲ to Ⅴ
1st Language English
2nd Language Telugu
Core Subject Maths, Science, Social Science and Computer Science
Co curricular Table Tennis, Football, Chess, Carrom, Badminton, Squash, Karate and Yoga

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Admissions at Samyuktha School 2024-25

Admission is granted based on the vacancies and is open for everyone. Though it's not mandatory, students are advised to take an informal test (takes about 30-60 min) on any day during office hours, as it serves as a tool to understand the prior ability of the student and facilitate a student centric, individual development plan. The test may be taken even after the admission process is completed.

Admission Open for 2024-25