Middle School Programme

(Class 6-8; Ages 11-14)

Samyuktha Middle School Program: a transformative journey of growth, discovery, and academic excellence

Our Middle School Programme, catering to students aged 11-14, is crafted to nurture confident, autonomous learners, setting the stage for their future academic and personal successes. By blending modern teaching methodologies with technology-driven learning, we not only captivate students' interests but also promote teamwork and equip them for the ever-changing global landscape.

This pivotal phase acts as a transitional period, bridging the gap between elementary schooling and high school, and hence students find a challenging environment. At Samyuktha, they can delve into their interests, hone vital skills, and lay a solid groundwork for their onward journey. The focus extends beyond academic rigour to include character building, leadership cultivation, and social-emotional growth, preparing students to be proactive contributors to society.

Offering a comprehensive and challenging academic syllabus, our middle school encourages students to critically analyse, creatively problem-solve, and communicate with clarity. Covering a broad spectrum from math and science to humanities and languages, our curriculum is delivered by enthusiastic and committed teachers who foster a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. As students advance, they're invited to further explore their interests and talents through an array of extracurricular activities, enrichment programs, and practical learning experiences, ensuring a well-rounded educational journey.

Classes Ⅵ to Ⅷ (Ages: 11-14 years)
Category Class Ⅵ and Ⅷ
1st Language English
2nd Language Telugu and Hindi
Core Subject Maths , Science, Social Science and Computer Science
Co curricular Table Tennis, Football, Chess, Carrom, Badminton, Squash, Karate and Yoga

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Admissions at Samyuktha School 2024-25

Admission is granted based on the vacancies and is open for everyone. Though it's not mandatory, students are advised to take an informal test (takes about 30-60 min) on any day during office hours, as it serves as a tool to understand the prior ability of the student and facilitate a student centric, individual development plan. The test may be taken even after the admission process is completed.

Admission Open for 2024-25